Sunday, 27 March 2011

Suyash Raj

"It was very nice sharing the same floor as you. I like your energy. Havent seen you closely so cant say anything about your style of wokring, but you do come up with amazing results. Always.
May you achieve all you dream. And may you get all you deserve.
All the best.
Stay in touch.

"Extremely talented, resourceful, sourceful, cheerful and stylish person. Wish you all the success in life.

"Hey Suyash
Aapse parichay hue thoda late hua but was amazed by your creativity, the variety of activities u did and handled while balancing studies ( later realized ki uska raaz TAU mein teacher ka poora lecture copy karna hai..) and your bakar....
Love your fashion sense and the advice u keep giving me, your sense of humor and your Figure...thoda ladkiyon se bhi share karo ki aise fab abs kaise maintain karte ho??? Baaki, Best Wishes for your future and hope you excel in whatever you choose to do :-)
Love n Luck

Sarah S Nuthalapati
hey suyash, ur one of the most talented guys Ive ever come across and you put ur talent to use even in the most hostile of environments..:).Had a nice time interacting with u despite it being limited and thanks for all the help you gave me with the painting thing.keep in touch and all the best for your future.

"Good work .
Wears too many hats at the same time. Multitasking koi inse seekhe !

We may have our own work styles but it was a pleasure working with you ,knowing you.    Full of life, energy, enthu and zeal  you'r destined for big things in life.    We shared a laugh ,we shared the success, we shared the failures, we argued, we laughed, we smiled, we winked ..all in the span of 3 months.  Haven't known so much of someone in as short a time as this. .

Couldn't have thought of no cultural life @IRMA without you . Liked your 'Johnny Walker style ' professional attitude of not personalizing any argument and moving on with it. Am sure you'll make it big.   Just that try to keep your friends close and enemies closer.

Best wishes for love, life and career."

"hi suyash!
I knw u as a most enthusiastic guy of our batch with lots of new ideas and creativity... i saw u alwz smiling... and cheerful.
all d best


Abhishek Dubey
is the man....kafi samajhdaar ho gaya hai...aaj kal...
hoshiyaar to tha hi pehle se...NIFT se aaya  tha bahut authentic banda hai tu a se to parhez hai aisa lagta hai aur galti se koi khench bhi le to tu bilkul koi pose hi nahi deta bas seedha khada ho jata hai...
awaz to iski itne polite hai ke jub tum baat karte ho to side mai 2-3 logo ko chod ke kisi ho bhi nahi sunai padta hai thts realy u shld work upon
Filmo se to door door tak tera koi naata nahi...kash ke ek do picture dekh leta to thoda happ ho jaata Rajat jaisa..pata nahi tujhe nahane is itna prem kyu hai...ek do din nahi nahaya to chalta hai na....pani bacha yaar
thodi bahut style bhi maar liya kar...glati se tum C blk mil gaya tumhe to Jai bajrangi waale blk mai hona tha...
delhi se ho sorry patna se sorry kahan se ho ye hum samajh hi nahi paaye hain...
but ladka heera he heera aur kaafi samajh daar bhi...

tumhara bablooo....."

Abhijit Jha
"very very creative person I ever came across, he can make amole of hill & hill of mole ;-). An asset of C-block  :D u may say so!!
Stylist man, I will always remember for yr videos & caricatures... apart from that gr8 guy to make friend with such is his charisma. :) will always remain in touch!! wishing u all the best and great life ahead!!"

Abhijit Jha
"very very creative person I ever came across, he can make amole of hill & hill of mole ;-). An asset of C-block  :D u may say so!!
Stylist man, I will always remember for yr videos & caricatures... apart from that gr8 guy to make friend with such is his charisma. :) will always remain in touch!! wishing u all the best and great life ahead!!"

"Hey Suyash...
It was great spending time with u these two years and I am impressed by ur multitasking abilities..I hope us din ka tera time management ka lesson se main kuch seekh sahun...
All the very best for ur future
Take care and keep in touch

"Wish u all d best in life...May u achieve greater heights... !
Best wishes & happiness...keep in touch !

"Landura Ahaa!! Ab iske bare mien kya likhoon...Bhai hai apna...dilfeek banda...sab ki madad karne wala...aur ultra creative...

Dostoon ke bich dost.. aur ladkiyoon ke beech Dude...very charming.. and down to earth..

Bas thoda confidence rakhne ka baba!! aur jayad emotional nahi hone ka!!"

yaar, i heard u made staarrz to so many, bt u didnt make me....its too bad...reallyyy...nt done....i felt it heartly....  okk all da super millaappp main milte hain...ppt ke saathhh...

Fateh Singh 3 G
"Suyash Shukla,

very creative and energetic person. I wish u get your dream Branding job in a top company. Tumhe jaldi hi ET ke brand equity column me appear hona hai.......So do it fast. Any way I am there for u with my 3 G powers.....

PS: My wishes have never failed......"

Gaurav Kumar
Best of Luck shulka... i will really miss the birthday celebrations oraganized by u and also ur  dance performance  in MILAAP 2010...

we didn't had much interactions but whatever we had it was it was quite a lot of fun...You r surely
one of the talented guys we have in IRMA...U have a great career and life ahead...hoping to meet again sometime and somewhere in near future...

You are one creative guy.. Keep up the good work and make IRMA as well as us proud..
I'm sure you would scale heights in the corporate world..

Cheers to life..

our interaction has been very limited.. we started talking during udaan preparatory days... i still disagree the way udaan was conducted this year... but you are energetic and hard working.. all the best :) "

We were fortunate to have you with us..your videos were funny and creative...Udaan was your baby...most creative but confused ..I wish you get the job of your choice. a great life is awaiting for you..wish you a great career :)

Ankit Gupta
You have a great sense of mixing videos. nice humour. u dance pretty well. All the best for future. do well

"D most i heard from him was wen he wud b singing on his floor!! have alwaz seen u smiling and enjoying watevr u do.. will nevr forget u for making us d ""Pinkies"" while u were havng fun at home :P he he.. actually u gave evry1 sumthn to remember C block forevr!!
hope ur spirits remain as high as it was here alwaz :)
hv a gr8 life ahead!"

"Hey dear!!

One year on the same bench beside u was great n i cudnt hv asked for a better partner - alwys smiling as some funny idea is forever cropping up in ur ahead, writing notes in a handwriting thats more miniscule than mine, chatting abt nethng n evrythng under the sun

Will alwys remember n cherish those moments - no point saying that ur very creative, hardwroking, straightforward, smart (somehow more cute n smart - prob coz of ur pocket mein rocket size) n yes amazingly cool dancer..

Its been lovely knowing u, keep in touch n may u rch great heights in future ( pun intended ;) )

Raveesh Pandey
"Hey suyash..
First time I saw you was your attempt in MVDP class ...when you walked in wearing your tie and just jumped on to the discussion in the class...pehle to laga yaar ajeeb aadmi hai..then the T shirt design of yours...phir laga hey bhagwan itni creativity bhi nahi chahiye...then slowy gradually i came to respect of the brilliant and tireless guys i have ever was fun to work with you...and you rock man....always try to conserve your energy...and hope to see your skill at work in social marketing in future...
Best of luck with lots of love...


vibrant........always happy..........aur kya tashan wali chaal hai bhaisaab ki...........

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