Sunday, 27 March 2011

Prerana Somani

hi preity, u justified ur name, darling, prerna,..... inspiration, ...u were the inspiration wen C-block was loosing all confidence during last jatra. u were the one who created new hope for rejoining, participating, winning the events. cutie, u mimic very nicely the tone of Nivedita mam(with all humility), the quality rarely found. baby, may ur wishes come true....lots of love 

"I  take back nice memories of you of field work in Jharkhand.
Thanks for being part of the memorable phase of my life..    Jaane se pehle sabhi dosto’n se gile shikwe mita lo ,is my last word for you...

Best. Wishes for bright career ahead. "

Abhijit Jha
U came from the same city as me... and ever smiling girl so simple in her thoughts and talk. Wish U a great life ahead...all the best :D

hey prerna, had a nice time with u especially during OTS. Your an awesome dancer and a strong woman. Keep going the same way and keep up the attitude. Keep in touch.

Raveesh Pandey
"Hi Somani,

Though there is not much interaction between us, by I remember doing FAC assignment with you and it was a nice experience with which we all put our efforts into it.

Best of luck for ahead

Luv Raveesh"

Abhishek Dubey
"Somani ji,
well HUM yahi kehna chahte hai ke i enjoyed ur company in block parties and other events particularly during Jatra ( though u sang song on sm1 else request ...thnk to him :p) . Be joyous and keep smiling. Appka HUM kehne ka style bhi enjoy karte with others in our block parties...
Hum pray karenge tht god wish you all the success for life ahead.

Best wishes

"Jatra 2010 Treasure Hunt mein teri aawaz mereko hamesha yaad rahegi :)
That was the first time when we who were outside waiting for the results realised that ""C block C block C block, winner winner winner"" doesnt sound as bad all the time :)
Was very nice to have you as a blockmate.
The block parties rocked and definitely made my stay in IRMA a lot more easier.
Keep rocking.
Hope to keep in touch.
All the best.

"hi chooti....

ekdm mast lagti hai tu... n u r a awesm dancer too... thanks to the breaks between the sessions which gave us the opportunity to interact more. U luk like Jiya Khan.. ;)
be in touch
will miss u

"Believe me girl, urs n sahu's darpans are the most difficult to write!
so much to say, yet no words could ever describe what you guys mean to me!!
phir bhi tera mann rakhne ke liye likh deti hoon...
u r the prettiest girl in our batch (screw sahu's list) and also the best dancer (girls n guys combined)! i really couldnt have asked for a better friend coz we both love the same things, including bithching !!
and thanks for making that video for me. even if it has the worst pics of mine, i appreciate the effort u must have put in. also thanks for trying to surprise me on my b'day(i am sorry i spoiled it :(... ).
i love u for what u r and wouldnt change a thing in u!
u have great potential and i am sure u will go places (provided ur folks dont get u married within the next few months!)

"Hanji madamAb aapse to dance k bahane baat honi chalu hui and then v became good frnds..It has been great to dance with u and u are really a fun person to be with...may u have a great and happy life ahaead
All the best and take care
Luv Aditi"

Anshuman Gupta
"The first thing that comes to my mind today (and i guess everyone else s as well when they see us together) is our drama in Parichay. Well that was one hilarious way to kick off our friendship which only grew better with passing times.
I ll carry along with me some great memories about you. You are my best chat buddy (:P ) and it was such fun teasing you about your nautankis. It seems we never got beyond teasing each other itself!!!
And now at the end of two years, i am left with a feeling that i missed out on more. Every friendship goes through its ups and downs and so did ours.

But never mind... the friendship still remains and thats what i hope will stay forever...

Stay in touch (my fb chat will be deserted without you!! )

Abhishek Tiwari
All the best to you for your great future ahead.

You were one of the first friends that I made in IRMA. Somewhere down the lane, somehow we stopped talking, don't remember why..

Wish you all the  best in Karamsad and in life too. And haan, please do revamp the emergency medical care in Karamsad- it has ruined lives of many IRMAns :)

Cheers for a happy life .."

"Hey Prerna
The sweet & pretty dancer with a beautiful smile :)
It was great fun dancing with u...ur one person who really enjoys dancing and it shows in ur expressions...Hope u continue ur passion in the coming years too...
Keep in touch...Keep smiling always :)
All the best for the future !!

"Didn't have much of interaction with you.. but saw a lot of your dance performances..
So dancer keep rocking... and keep smiling!!"

our interactions have been very limited... during UN sessions we worked once in a group and that was gud learning. all the best :)

Wish you all success in life :)

"Dear Prerana!

You're undoubtedly one of the cutest gals on campus! i really wish we could have interacted more, but however little i interacted with u, i found you to be a very helpful and fun-loving girl!hope we keep in touch :)!
Wishing you a world of happiness,
Priyanka :) []"

all the best


yup..of course u can become madhuri dixit 4 sure..but 4 that u need a good height and more than THAT A VERY pretty face...chalo height pe compromise kar li jaye bhi to is chehre ka hum kya karenge choti.....yeh chehra nahin chalega....:P...jokes apart you are one of the best thing to have happened to me in IRMA amidst all these mishappening and controversies raging around everybody caused by everybody else...we (all 4 of us) remained the same..some glitches still not fully happy with all the developments that happened between us in these 2 years (u know what all)..but atleast i am satisfied now that we are on a damage control mode....i had handpicked people to make this group which got shattered in front of my eyes..though all u three are very good to always...supporting me in sick and health......AND DOING EVERYTHING TO KEEP ME HAPPY... and u know...OUR FRIENDSHIP IS SO UNIQUE THAT WHEN THE BAD TIMES INTENSIFIED...SO DID OUR FIGHTING SPIRIT AND OUR RESILIENCE OF STANDING BEHIND EACH OTHER....and believe me..when u 3 are on my side...i don care the world...come wat may.....please 4give me 4 writing such things on such platform...but i could not see a better place to express myself.....again....u are my punch bag choti..jab bhi main gussa hota hun..then its invariably u who used to calm me down and at times bore the brunt...but nevertheless never gave up resurrecting me....I owe u a lot choti...come wat may...u will always remain as my top 3 priorities in friendship throughout my life.....AB TO KHUSH HO JA...TU WAKEHI MEIN TOP 3 MEIN AA CHUKI HAI....TRUST ME AGAR MAIN IRMA NAHIN AATA TO BAHUT KUCH MISS KAR JATA....tera taang khinchna..tujhe chedna.......aur tera woh...HUM SO RAHE THE....everything will be unforgettable thruout my life..... LOVE U LOADZ....will miss u bitterly.......all ur natkhats and stupidities.....MY TORTOISE.....

"Hello Chhoti!!

All those nights spent dancing n preparing wer great with ur jokes n comments.. It was real fun n yes ur an amazing dancer with fabulous expressions.. Alwys be as chirpy..

Hope u hv an amazing life ahead

Best Wishes for your future !!!


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    Be Happy & Keep Other Happy

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