Sunday, 27 March 2011

Shalika Vyas

ahmad fawaz
"Bahut kum bolti hai ladki ...

Unfortunately didn't get to interact much despite being a fellow Delhiite,section mate and one of the first girls I interacted with in IRMA.
Always came across as a reserved,shy and 'all work no play' girl..

Hope this is only a beginning of a longgggggggggggggg friendship..  coz it's gonna take at least that much before I know you well  :P

God Bless and Best wishes for post IRMA life."

Abhijit Jha
"Hi Shalika!! I wondered u ever speak :D
donno y u are called AJ but for sure u have a great smile. And it is said u skip breakfast/dinner because of insomnia or study :P But anyway u are very sweet and we love the way u are. Thoda bahut gyaan hum logon ko bhi de dena... all the best for yr bright future!!!!

sarah s n
hey shalika, Ur one of the first people I met in IRMA. Didnt interact much after that but being the quiet person u are its hardly surprising.But I know ur the beauty with brains and an awesome person.All the best and keep in touch.

Abhishek Dubey
"Hey Shalika,
I always admire your polite,shy and quiet persona.It was really fun to represent Veggie group in our block parties. One thing which i l always going to remember  that despite not feeling well u ran behind the stage to make it possible for us without complaining. Thanks again.
May god bless you with loads of success and happiness in ur life ahead.

Best wishes

"Was very nice interacting with you whenever I got a chance. I admire many things in you. Your patience, sweetness and incorregibly helpful behavior. I do not think I need to jot down instances here. Hopefully we stay in touch.
Jatra 2010 is unforgetable and so are numerous other instances whenever we got a chance to celebrate as a block. Hope we do get to meet and go for block parties together again. The whole PINK block :)
All the best.
Stay in touch.

Uphar "

"Hey Shalika!

Got to knw a bit of u on the way to Shankara! remember?
I really love ur creative skills and hardwork u put in any ppt! :P
Looking forward to know u better and have a great time with u in Mumbai!
Wish u a great life!
Lots of Love!"

"hey shalika,

it was great being your neighbour in class for a year although i couldnt hear half the things u said coz u speak sooooo slowly!! barring that it was nice knowing u!

here's wishing u health and happiness in life!!"

"Hey Shalika
All the very best for ur future and have a great life ahead

"hi chui-mui

great dancer... intelligent girl... very soft spoken...
i enjoyed working wid u.... and had great fun during grinds
kuch tips deti jana... patle hone k liye... ;)

all the very best

Abhishek Tiwari
My Christmas friend whom i talked very little.
I saw a great change in you in these two years. Take it as a complement and all the best for your coming dayz.."

Tere liye kya likho ?? Ur like my soulmate..n u know why..hehe..Im not gona write much here cos its not possible to express my feelings for someone so dear...I just wana say that I want u to keep smiling always and remember that no matter what Ill always be there with u and for u...We'll keep bumping into each other at home i know so no goodbye's from my side...
All the best and keep the smile on that beautiful face on always :)
Love ya

"Got to know that you could speak as well on way to MTS. I mean Angelina Jolie.. us samay pahli baar suna tha teri Boli....

Thora jayada sidhi ho.. jubi ke sath jayad raha karo...

Keep smiling!!

You can copy paste the coorg wala lyrics.. :) here"

"Shalika Vyas,
First i would like to take this opportunity to ask you to forgive me for all the times i have poked fun at you! Seriously you have quite a sport when it came to leg pulling! Thank you for bearing with me!
We have had quite a blast over these two years! Working on assignments, making crappy videos in your room, talking endlessly about everything and anything....
You are one of a kind, Seriously! You can do any assignment at lightning speed(with conditions applied)!
N going by the number of times you have eaten at IRMA, i am sure a 'Castway' will be a cakewalk for you:)
You have shown great courage and strength in the tough situations!
Its been a great pleasure knowing you these two years!
Keep in touch!
lots of luv,

Ankit Gupta
"u r very sweet. I thought u seldom speak. u gave me first shock when u participated in our MILAAP preparations. didnt have many interactions.
I think I dont have a good image in your mind as you might have caught me using abusive words more often than any other girl. Please accept my sincere apologies

Hoping the best for you.. :) "

Raveesh Pandey
"Hello Shalike...
Kya likhene tumhare baare of the most intense girl i have ever came across....junoon ho jaye to jaan lada sakti hai...the talks with you though only 4 times at IRMA have been good. I really appreciate the fact that you believe so much in me and that too without any hesitation. Bahut logon ne kaha hoga ke tension mat le...koi baat nahi...maine bhi kai baar kaha hai...jab itne log keh rahen to man lena chahiye...Ab to mumbai ke masti ke taiyyari hai team agrocom ke saath:)...and if you do believe a little more on me...then in May i would require your assistance for 13 and why will tell you later...


"wish you a great career and success in life."

it seems, we started talking after a change in your status :) you know what i mean.. have identified you as a part of larger girl group... please take care of your health.. it is most important.. all the best :)"

"Dearest Shalika!

I will always cherish having come across someone like u..ur one of the most innocent girls in our batch..very simple and graceful too..i wish that you become a stronger human being and always stay in control of your life...i really pray that you stay strong in all of life's situations, emerge as a leader and do immensely well in your career. you are very intelligent, and i had a lovely time working with you on assignments in first year..i wish you continue with all tasks in your life with the same sense of determination and enthusiasm ..
Wishing you a world of happiness...:)
lots of love,
Priyanka... :) []"

"hey shalika
it was awesome fun working with u in MC project
ab bus aur patle mat hoiyo- u wont be visible then
all the best"

"Hey shalika,

nice to have a frnd lyk u. 1 question.. y dont u eat??? and plz answer loud enuf so that atleast i can hear ;)

ab to tu mumbai me hi hai.. masti maarenge.. mebbe v may get to knw each oder betr..

anyways.. all d best for ur future.. keep chasing all ur dreams.. always do wat u really want to!

all d best."

as beautiful she is, so is her heart.. d simple key how she wins evry heart ;)

keep smiling alwaz dear.. n may god bless u wid all happiness! :)"


Ur quite cool n fun to be with, something i realised during the fieldwork together.. Ur stories are great fun to hear though ur sort of hard to find these days n i can undrstnd why ;)

Wish for ur bright future

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