Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sandeepa Ji

sarah s n
hey sandeepa di, u are one of the most cheerful girls I have ever seen with the most positive attitude, Dont ever change and continue spreading ur warmth to all the forthcoming batches.Please keep in touch.

"Badhiya raha do saal ka safar. Aapki cycke ke liye dhanyawaad.
Aapki Phd ki thesis ke liye bahut bahut shubhkamnayein.

All the best. Keep in touch.


"hi sandeepa..

u r alwaz cheerful and a gud friend of mine... i wish  v will remain in contact.
i was amazed to saw u running during sangharsh... brilliant effort,,,sacchi
baat karte rehna nai toh irma aak milte rahenge tujhse :)

with love

"hey sandeep bhai,

u r one of the most innocent and kind hearted persons i have ever known!!
i also like the fact that u speak your mind!!
thanks for making my first ever field trip so smooth!! i will never forget that week in that village, neither will i forget our first flight together!!

wish u all the best for your future (marry soon!)"

"Hey ...
I was really impressed the way u ran for the sangharsh relay Sandeepa...I hope u have a great desire to learn which will keep u going here..
All the very best for ur future
Take Care

Aye... Tiwari
"My oldest friend other than Sony in IRMA Campus. Kuch jyaada nahi bolunga..sab tujhe pata hi hai...
All the best for rest of IRMA time..."

"Hey Sondeepa ,
It was fun knowing you and fighting with you.. Wish you all the best in life..

"HI Sandeepa di
Though we dint really get to interact that much but u always greet me with a smile whenever we meet...Im sure u will do very well in the coming years..Keep in touch and all the best !

Ankit Gupta
"Aeee SONDEEP BHAIIIIII, dhang se padho, jaldi se fprm khatm karo aur professors ki dunia me jaake hamare batch ka naam ROSHAN karo..

All the best and enjoy the life..."

Abhijit Jha
Very jovial & bubbly person who is always there to celebrate life at its best!! U are very amiable & so simple... Keep Smiling Always!!  :)

"I have very little interaction with you.... but have seen you interacting with a lot of people and you seem very friendly.. so wish you the very best...

Keep smiling :)"

gud to have you as part of prm 30... cheerful always...  but sleepy at times also...hope to see you in very good position in future... all the best :)"

Keep smiling...wish you a fulfilling career in academia :)

"Dearest Sandeepa.

It was nice to have come across someone like u at IRMA..u are a very simple and naive girl, i hope that you achieve all that u can ever dream of in life!
Keep in touch,
Wishing you a world of happiness!
Lots of love,
Priyanka  :)"

"hey sondeepa
u r lady usain bolt
all the best"

sandeep bhai..tama bisayare mu aau kana kahibi...u are so much down to earth, caring, simple and a really sweet girl who always supported me when others cooked up stories to defame me....thanx 4 that...tamaku kiye bhi kichi kharap mo bisayare kahile...mote kahiba agharu hi tame taro pura khabar nei jauthilo.......i will miss u a lot....

Sandeep bhai!!!! humare block ki gabbar... jo humse b choti hai magar humse jada pyari hai.. jaha jati hai waha hulchul ho jati hai.. agar ye na ho toh block party mei jaan kon dalega aur hasaega kon.. apke saath apni yaaddein hum sab yahi chod k ja rahe hai!! dhyan rakhna apna.. :)

"Dear Sandeepa Di
You are one of the warmest people on campus and having known you for so long, I can definitely say that you have a heart of gold. You are forever ready to help others and have been surprising me with your talents ( read the wonderful race)...
Here's wishing you love and luck for your life at IRMA and beyond. Hope you'll exceed your own expectations and do very well in life.

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