Sunday, 27 March 2011

Abhishek Dubey

"Was nice sharing the floor with you. 
I like your confidence. Keep it up.
I  hope we meet as better people the next time we meet.
All the best. Delhi awaits your magic.

Stay in touch.

All the very best :)

Sarah S Nuthalapati
Hey dubey sir,
Had very limited interaction with you but meaningful ones especially during placements and udaan.You were one of the funnest people to be with on campus and a strong stabilising force and constantly kept up our spirits when they were at all time low (especially the placements) and thanks a lot for that.Please keep in touch and all the best for the future."

Jitna bhi keh lein in Nawaab saahab ke liye utna kam hi hoga..  1 saal inke neighborhood mein baith ke samay ka pata hi nahi chala..   Gazab ki C.P. maarte they aur hasa hasa kar peth mein dard karwane waale one liners chor dete they..

Bahut der tak sote ho aur bahut chuttiya maarte ho!!  

was one of my best neighbors all through IRMA .. will miss your company.

Aagami zindagi ke liye dher saari duaaein.  "

hi abhishek!

i remember d initial days of irma... jab hamari acchi khasi baat hoti thi.... par dhere2 band ho gyi... tujhe pta nai kyu mere baato ka bura lag jata hai... isiliye maine b chod diya tujhe pareshan karna... shayad tum hi hoge aise bande jisse baat karne mein mujhe chaar baar sochna padta hai.... pta nai kaun si baat buri lag jaye. woh pic b maine aise hi masti mein delete kar di thi...
well... koi na.
u r smart and good luking guy...
all d very best for ur future

Abhishek Dubey
"apne baare mai likhe to bahut kuch sakta hoon but... ;)

Abhijit Jha
Dubey Sir is what we call have traits of Amir K 
Blessed with gud looks & attitude he is said to be women's dream (ahem! ahem! jyaada ho gaya ) but u r the man sir!!
Full of optimism & pranks & all those those one liners... how we can forget!!! But confusion remains Delhi/Bhopal/Kashmir.... hhahahaa!!
I find deficit of words to describe yr whole personality in constraints of time and words but will always miss u!! Kip in tch!! Best wishes for new role!!"

Dubey Sahab
Aapse baat hone to MTS main hi chalu hua..n it was great interacting with u...aap aur aapke style sir maashaallah ahi :) n the way u narrate incidences makes them worth listening..hope u reach great heights of success
All the best for ur future

Hey Abhishek
Though we dint really interact much initially but it was hard to not notice u sitting in the front, always full of doubts,,, :)
Its been great knowing u and working with u..I must say bmc assignment was a lot fun & u have a really good sense of humour :) .. I heard u sing very well too :)
I hope u keep smiling and laughing like this always !
Have fun .. all the best .. take care !!
Keep in touch !

Yaroon ka Yaar hai ye!! deer se dikhe campus ki zameen pe par launda cha gaya hai...

meine hawa di inko bakar karne ki aur ab meti hi lete hai...koi nahi sahi kaha hai kisi ne duniya Gool hia aur har Baap Ka double role hai!!

Dubey tum ho bande mast.. kyon raja ko la kar diye the dawa jab hua tha usko dast :P
Baki bakar to apna chalta rahega...:0"

yaar, i heard u made staarrz to so many, bt u didnt make me....its too bad...reallyyy...nt done....i felt it heartly....  okk all da super millaappp main milte hain...ppt ke saathhh... ohhhoo..Mr. Dubeyji..Mr..Managemnet guru...Mr. Visionary...Mr. Aap toh, bas Aap hain...Mr. Thinker...kya likheen aap ke baren main..yarrr..i like u "Mama's Boy" ur care for ur parents...wish u gud gud in ur exam....paass hoke naukri bhi dhund lenaa...aur achchi lakkkkkdiiiii  bhiiii...kaam mai aayyeggaa...  :PPP

Fateh Singh 3 G
"Dubey Ji - ""Technology Next""

Bhatwari jana hai apke sath ek bar phir. Wahan phir se Maggi khaenge aur adrak wali Chai peinge.
Hope u enjoy your job at SAHAJ


Gaurav Kumar
Dubey sirrrrrrrrr....ek dum bindaas ...Bahut mazee lete  rahe hain aur kafi suggestions bhi dete rahe hain in do saal mein...jab bhi inke room ke bahar se jao bus ek bar bolo dubey sir....and mood of luck dubey sir aur NDDB nahi jana hai kkkk.....

I remember how u helped us when we needed ur help...I think C block would not have participated without ur persistence and we would not have so much of fun and good time during jatra...I wish u luck for future and hope to remain in touch...:)

"Dubey Saaab !!!
I have been one of the biggest beneficiaries of your vision in first year. Have benefitted a lot  from your fundas .. Those were the days.. man .. wud seriously miss them :(
 "" I mean like..."" would never forget these words..
Wish you all the best in life..

Cheers !!!
PS: Apne shaadi mein bulana zaroor :P"

we were part of the same GD panel during admission... but here on campus we were in different worlds.... your 'systems thinking' is well appreciated and we happened to be together in ERE sessions.... i request you to be a little more humble and patient.. with your skills you will shine where ever you are.. all the very best :)"

Dubey the visionary...we in section B were amazed the way you flummoxed us and professors ;)..but soon we understood that Dubey the Manager is very dangerous inside classroom  ..but Dubey our friend outside classroom is fun to be with...I hope you continue making people laugh ..wish you a great career ahead :)

Ankit Gupta
You were 2nd most irritating person in IRMA for me. may be this is my inexperience in life and I might also develop double standards once I start working. If you genuinely were not able to speak louder, it would have been understood. but you deliberately did that in class and when it comes to screaming here in campus, we all know the results. You might be having good knowledge of cricket and its intricacies (even though I personally dont agree), dont give high fundas on the field. try and be a team man. If anything you feel to be untrue for you, kindly ignore. Hoping the best for you.

Humara BR aisa ho! alwaz taking a stand for the block.. bt u need to lose weight.. ha ha.. yaad rahega humare block ka last dinner!
have a gr8 life ahead.. :)"

Raveesh Pandey
Hi Abhi....
The first time I talked to you was the day I was explainig about DC++ by going room to room..and what class you took of me !! Bhai saab kya bhokaal tight kiya...main socha ke kahan main aa gaya hun itne bond logon ke beech mein...:):) Then enjoyed working with you during UDAAN and came to know about bhai mast hai...

Best of luck


attitude is the word..........and he carries it well...........

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