Sunday, 27 March 2011

Pratik Gupta

Hi Pratik, i'll miss ur typical  way of addressing ""Sandeepa"" , i'll miss it always. All the best for ur future. i'll miss u the time i spent in ur rummm, with ur gang( Pulkit sir, gaurav, basant, sudeep), discuussing FM, i'll miss it


"Patrick .. aka Gupta .

Took some time starting the conversations with him as he would come across as a childish guy initially. Things started to take shape after he was heading the batch and I was the constant and the biggest headache (that C.R. and acadcomm could have had).

Were never on the same page viz. politico economic views but somehow found way to appreciate the difference.

Hope i didn't trouble you much in your tenure.. and best wishes for bright future in marketing and Dalal Street.

Daaru kam kardo waise.. :P"

Abhijit Jha
"Pratik Sir!! :)
The 1st person I encountered @ IRMA & took him for a fellow participant... well he shares te same floor as mine & is a true gentleman in his talk and attitude. A great guy, diligent, gr8 foodie & craziest chicken maniac :D ... the more u know him the more u luv this man! & still I ponder why he used to ask 'bout gals of my batch yet didn't showed any signs of progress ;-)
You were there in any doubt or when I needed any advice, thanx a lot!!
Best Wishes for yr new life at federation and may u come with flying colours with what u do! :)"

hey pp, had the most awesome time with you from the rbi days onwards, we stood for it and fought and emerged successful. Learnt a lot from you , not just intellectually but also from your personality.The cool headedness and the leadership skills which you possess will take you a long way.As for your lediya..I guess we all bonded very well . Keep in touch ..will miss you a lot..( but guess ull anywayz be in bombay..if not posted still youll keep dropping by..:P)..........

Raveesh Pandey
I admire your hobby of Indian Railways...that's a great thing yaar. Well enjoyed a lot with you in conducting of Jatra of last year. It was a very good experience. One thing which i like the most about you is your sincerity, (when you show :):) and the video cutting ability.

Best of luck for your future and love


Abhishek Dubey
"Hey Patrick,(asaal Puneaikaar)

Patrick i always enjoyed your company be it in class or in block parties or at our blocks bird view.:P I have teased you a lot but i like it when u give ur grinning smile to me after tht.I  also like whenever u call my name thrice Abhi Dubey,Abhi Dubey,Abhi Dubey every time u pass my room and i m gonna miss that for sure.I always appreciate the your positive and thoughtful attitude which will take you ahead in ur life in future,Just be patient and keep on working like this.
We also share one more bond ie we r  Puneikar asaal Puneikar ...U know abt my inclination towards city and all sort of discussion we used to have...U used to ask: aap ne wahan khanaya , yaahn wo kahaya hai ...U r big time foodie... and be like this pratik...
May god shower all his blessings on you and may u get wat u desire...
Best Wishes

"Have never seen you losing temper in the most trying of situations. I like it. Your love for chicken is really ""legendary"". Your special liking for mUmbai is also legendary. Can never thank you enough for making my lappy internet enabled! Will definitely miss your and gaurav's call appealing us to come to the mess as chicken was being served in the mess.
I might have talked bluntly with you. Once during Jatra and once more. I think this is an opportune time to clarify that it was just the spur of the moment and I really appreciate the coolness with which you replied.
The block rocked and really made my saty in IRMA a lot easier :)
Keep rocking.
All the best.
Stay in touch.

"hi prateek!

u r a very sober guy, gud listener, understanding, and lovable. aur intelligent b hai..

all d best for future

i think this guy is pretty good at heart . Enjoy life .

"All the very best for ur future and have a great life ahead!!
Aditi "

Anshuman Gupta
"I guess you were the coolest CR our batch had. Though you had a testing time especially during Jatra you managed it quite well.

You come off as a very simple and focussed guy.

Hope you achieve all the success in life,

Abhishek Tiwari
"I love this person for his rational behavior. He is a great multi-tasker (Google with many tabs, ppt making,news, sports watch,mobile-talk) and managing them all  without any error.  Brilliant mind (G.K & Railways) & very good person by heart. He talks like a true gentleman & always keeps humming the latest charts busters.

His smile has brought him close to my heart. He has the volcano in him & It would emerge with flying colors in future.
All the best dear & shaadi me jaroor bulaana yaar."

"Hey Patrik...
Will miss you calling me ""Abhya"" and also our fish attacks in Foodking.

I'm sure that you, with your skills, would go up the corporate ladder without much difficulty.. Wish you all the best...


"All the best for the future...Keep smiling always and keep up the appetite for non veg :)

"you came across as  a very sincere and genuine guy..from induction to abhi tak.. I never heard anything bad about you from anyone.. that speks volumes about you...

Keep smiling!!"

we have interacted less... but got chance to understand more during your tenure as CR. you have come across as one with gud interest in finance and markets. all the best :)"

Gaurav Kumar
Patrick...iske bare mein kya kum pad jayega...the best brain in IRMA dosti hum nahi todenge tondenge dum magar tera saath na chodenge....will continue to have chicken chuken .......with u always and  really enjoyed the two years with u ...u helped me a lot....and will cherish the memories of these two years with u always especially during the field work........thanx a lot my friend ...will miss u a lot.....keep rocking as u always do....

"Only guy in the campus who knows better about railways than me (Gyanendra ne to nahi suna na)....Your silent and childlike but determined demeanour is remarkable..pretty well read and informed about the issues which is becoming a rarity these days..sometimes we had divergent views on many issues but that helped in further exploring the things..I wish you continue giving inputs about many issues in future.
 I hope you remember CHERO - THE VILLAGE..
wish you a great career ahead :)

"we interacted during our block events but d best dat i got to know of u was during OTS.. i was glad dat u were here coz somehow i felt comfortable talking to u and asking things.. u r a gem of a person who is down to earth and sweet.. at d same time, i also liked u taking interest in different topics... be sweet like dis alwaz n never let ur inquisitiveness fade away!!!
my best wishes wid u.. hope u scale great heights!! :)"

"Dear Pratik!

Found you as an intelligent, patient and practical person. ur stint as CR and mine as Acadcomm member gave us the opportunity to work together.Good work done!it would have been good to have seen you continue!
Wishing you good luck in all u do:)!

the way u change according to situation is extraordinary
hope india main trains time par chal rahi hogi :)
abe aadhaar ka sales tracking software down ho gaya hai naya design kar na :P

all the best
hope u njoy amul

dude that day we boozed together..i can never forget that...apart 4rm being a nice human being u are somebody who is trustworthy, humble and ever helping. u are one of those very few non controversial people here..hope u go great heights.

"Hey Pratik!!

Our real interaction was during second n third term wen u wer CR n i was in acadcomm.. It was great to work with u, ur a very nice n genuine person who wants to mk things better n tks interest n initiative in doing so..

Wish u the very best in life

"Chicken Bandhu Part 2: I liked your work as a CR - the most coveted and challenging position in our batch, well done!!!  Patient and well meaning, that is how I have known you.
Hope you'll do well at GCMMF and beyond ( if at all you leave the wonderful organization ;-))

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