Sunday, 27 March 2011

Rajat Bhatia

"Was nice sharing the floor with you. Have seen you work silently a;ways and I appreciate the noiselessness. Its really cool. Thanks for being a great CC. All the best for you career with Amul and ahead.
Would love to stay in touch.
Thanks for all the help extended time and again. You people made life at IRMA real fun and intersting.
All the best

"Dear Rajat
Got to know you quite late but liked your shyness and politeness (till your B'day nite... ;-)) and found you to be a very genuine and trustworthy human, mere kaafi assignments tumhari wajeh se aaraam se ho gaye ( Thanks for dat :-)) and had a wonderful time with u ( especially our pre-placement chats) , Mukesh n Suuuu. I hope we'll have a good time in our bonded labor at GCMMF...:-)
Love n Luck"

Sarah S Nuthalapati
hey rajat, All I would ever remember about you is your smile which you give everyday ..keep smiling and all the best for your future.keep in touch.:)

"hey 'dukhi' Bhatia!

Silent Killer! thoda khush raha kar yaar! campus main path way ke alawa bhi bahut achchi cheeze h dekhne ke liye! , look at the trees!
I loved ur blog! Keep writing!
Wish u a Happy future ahead!"

Nitin Pai
"Tried to know the Bhatia, but not sure how far I got!
Good luck at AMUL and stay in touch..."

shilpa behere
loads of best wishes to you :)

"Took a long time knowing you ..   Thought would never talk to you seeing your orkut profile and views therein...  Guy from Delhi,Punjabi that too Amity, Chemistry was suppose to be instant but somehow I decided I won't ...      Little did I know that was to be one of the biggest errors of judgment (team selection for OTS and same misjudgment on Pawan being the other two!)  in IRMA.

Found you very sincere (in words and actions) , a good team man and 'open horizon'  man and it helps as  a fellow Delhiite who wears his home city on his sleeve!  

C block mein aana jaana kam tha so couldn't share a drink or two more often ... but would love to share some day for sure.  

Best wishes for life in Federation and all that lies ahead of it ."

Abhishek Dubey
"Best Wishes
Adieu...(15 letters)"

Nikita Bankoti
All the best, BEST

One of the most silent person I have ever met but his sense of humour (agar kabhi bole to) is awsum...
All the very best for ur future

"hi rajat...

u are a typical delhi guy... soft spoken and smart
all d best

Abhishek Tiwari
"The silent killer & heart throb of many...
keep rocking dear...."

"Hey dude,
Wish you all the best in life.


"The guy who believes in playing mind games .. be the highest level strategy..ou as trivial as going to loo in the village :P

Jokes apart this person is much more mature than his looks or age...Has  clarity of ideas and is mentally very balanced...

We did a lot of masti during our internships and those will remain in memory for a long long time...

launda to bas ek hi hai IRMA mein aur Woo hai Bhatia Thakur!!"

"DUDE !!
Its not that easy to write for u dude !! I'll just say thanks for being a great friend...Its difficult to say anything about the person u r cos ur a hard nut to crack u see :p
Will definitely not forget ur "":p"" and the HIMYM and Seinfeld multi's....I know we'll keep in touch..Have fun in the milky world :)
All the best and keep smiling ur toothless smile always :)

"Dude..u r our harry footballer....I tuk ur position as goal keeper in team bt I must say it was a gud choice because u r a damn gud midfielder n sprinter....damn u run realy fast buddy...:)

V havnt wrkd or interactd mch bt iknw u r a nice chap vt clean heart n vl b dr to be part  of fun n sadness both...

all d best!"

Gaurav Kumar
Best of luck for the future and keep the flag high at GCMMF....


Abhijit Jha
"Truly callled ""the Silent Star""........ u never know unless u spend time with him. He is gentlemen's gentleman!! & was astonished to c u switching yr gears at Jatra!! :)
Very Softspoken & charming dude & is no-nonsense man!! I like he way are.....aur aaj bata hi do shaadi kise karoge?? :D

we have talked less here at irma... both of us were busy in our own worlds... remember your performance in the milaap video.. it was fun.. all the best for a bright future :) "

wish you a great career ahead :)

"Dear Rajat,
Wishing you a world of happiness!


"Bhatia bro.

had really good tym wid u. will miss d tym spent wid u.. u knw dat u r few in d class with whom i really went along well.. bahut masti maari yaar saath me.. but saale,,, i wont forget tune mere saath delhi me kya kiya tha!!!

newaz.. hope u get d guts to chuck ur job soon and jump in to wat u really want to do!!

waise.. u r goin to b my future business associate.. so no good bye!

waiting for u!


all d best.. n take care :)

"Dear Rajat

I dnt think GCMMF wud give us enough time 2nd May onwards to be writing the darpan then so writing now ;)
Amazingly cool n calm guy - very reserved in the beginning but quite witty once ppl get to kno u - u kno how to hv fun but not overdo it.. Amazing worker, but u cud smile a little more


You must be one of those who are destined to be  cool even if you dont want to be.What i really like about you is that you silently go about doing your job and your liking of cartoons.Best of luck
Sarathi "

footballer......and yes rockker....


  1. dont know how i landed up on this page!

    u hv a grt sense of humor! keep it up n enjoy :)

  2. You are so charming!! So Charming!!