Sunday, 27 March 2011

Gaurav Kumar

hi chiky chickyy, Gaurav, i cud remember the FW  days and find another reason to laugh:P, for u and Patrick were preparing chicken daily (making Rashmi Sonam jealous, as we girls, Rashmi Vaidya and me don't take chicken) and even u didnt forget to bring omelet for me, on my request (that's so sweet of u, biwi will be so haapppyyy), wen we were scheduled to  meet our RO. lots of luv for u. all the bestttt......

sarah s n
hey chicken, tum jaha bhi jaao tumhe chicken mile...I had some good times with you and ur partners in crime the ledhiyas. I know ull shine wherever you considering that ur brain disproportionately large for ur chicken body,,:P. Anywayz will miss u  and keep in touch..nara

Abhishek Dubey
u r my fav in C blk ka upaar wala floor mai... :)
u have sparkiling smiling awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nd i like when u say Dubeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Sirrrrrr . U really a chicken freak and i m never gonna forget way u used to be excited on Chicken days in mess :)
But u r fabulous mahool bana deta hai jub khus hota to khus hi raha karo ok....

Best wishes...

"Coke ka bottle mat khol dena abb Patna mein. Nitish Kumar Sushashan mein vishwaas rakhta hai. Fieldwork ke samay itne saare logon ko tune ghar mein accomodate kiya tha aur Aunty ne kya badhiya khana banaya tha. Hamesha yaad rahega. ITT ne tto tere andar ke leader ko to pehchaan hi liya hai. Abb rock kar.
Teri ""Chicken... chicken... chicken"" ki aawaz miss karunga. Aur ""Orange Jusum"" bhi...
Tera blockmate rehne ke liye hamesha garvanvit feel karunga :)
Maze kar. All the best.
Keep in touch

Aye... Tiwari
You are full of energy and enthu yaar. I am impressed by the way you bring earth quake, the moment you enter the dance floor (bijli gira dete ho ekdum).
Apne tabiyat ka dhyan rakhna bas, I have observed you
I really become speechless when you say ""sahi Tiwari, Jai Tiwari, Sahi sahi"" itna mazak udaoge :P

We had been good friends and would be forever. Be in touch..
 aur ITT ko to ekdumm hila dena hai...."

Will miss our Fish Koliwada outings and also the masti in the last two rows. Dance karte  rehna yaar.. we'll dance together in Milaap.
Rock ITT and Rock the world...

"Wish u lots of luck and happiness in life...Keep dancing and smiling always :)

Ankit Gupta
dude, I dont know whether you know or not, but I would like to tell you that people really enjoy your dance. but one more truth is that they laugh at  it. but you flexibility is superb. cant say much my friend, all the best for the future....

Abhijit Jha
"G@urav Bhai!! boneless wonder..... he hates bony things be it dance or chicken :P
Got to know many things bout him likes he still likes mario, pacman stufff (dil to bachha hai ji)..& has many skeletons in the cupboard ;-)
I ponder u even come out of yr room, except for samosas at night but I must say u are 1 of very hard working fellas I came across. U & Patrick are perfect compliment to each other & Jai-Veeru image flashes at once :D But will definitely  miss u on this floor & yr samosa. Gud Luck for Gr8 life ahead!! (Did u told ur batchmates u r getting married...)

"I have never seen you without a smile( thora kam bol diya) on your face..
Your have a very innocent heart and you are very humble.. do keep this quality intact .. and you would  be appreciated and loved everywhere...

Aur kabhi mauka mila to fir CHandi ke sath.. you know what?? :P

Keep similng  :)"

we talked very little.. could have interacted more... now we will do it outside campus.. all the  best for you:)"

Can't forget your Chero- The Village presentation...tumhare ghar ka litti aur murga toh hamesha yad rahega....PRM 30 ke MJ..I hope we will meet often in Patna..wish you a great career ahead :)

"Dear Gaurav,
All the best in all you do!!
Priyanka :) []"

dost ur dance is awesome especially the one which u do with khokhar and patrick- ek repeat telecast kar uska yaar
ab to tum ITT ke bihari raja ho- aish mariyo ghar pe
all the best hope u do well and achieve greater success

"Chicken Kumar Part -1:
Here's wishing you luck for your new job and your new life ahead....:-)
Keep eating...."

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