Sunday, 27 March 2011


gud luck for ur future endeavour....

ahmad fawaz
"The  first mallu I interacted in class, Gayatri was quick to strike the chord for the fluency in Hindi took me aback..    Was no looking back since then.

didn't get time to work in a team much found a very good team player in her whenever we did.
And boy..can she play badminton well !! One tough and determined girl she is..

Will miss your company in class & SAC the most girl..

Best wishes for all that lies ahead. "

Abhijit Jha
"Gayatri Maa'm!! Gud Evening ! ('coz this was the time she could be seen at mess)
Though I know very little about u but would like to share space what I think.. (bardaaast kar lo :-) ) I thought you were a bookworm :P but after witnessing yr baddy skills no questionmarks. Despite of few interactions I found u very sensible person & so polite and charming at the same time (how u do that?). To tell of u s like showing light to the sun but for sure u were one of the best persons I met @ IRMA wishing u all the good things a life can bring.. Gud luck & keep smiling!!  :-)"

sarah s n
hey gayo , u were one of the first friends I had in IRMA..ur were not just my chechi but also a good friend. Had many good times with u. And thnx to u, my baddy also improved.Will never forget you.All the best for your future and keep in touch.Will miss you.

Abhishek Dubey
"I would definitely cherish all the moments we shared together in class,projects,block parties and few times in SAC.It was fun really....
U r paternalistic...  :p nd i appreciate your honesty and ur friendly nature.
Thanks for those moments...
May god bless you with loads of success in life ahead.

Best Wishes

"Jyada likhunga nahi. It was nice talking to you whenever we got a chance.  Mil ke Anna ka kheechne mein bada maza aaya. Aasha hai ki fir mulakat hogi.
Khushkismati se tum meri blockmate bhi ho. Tto block parties mein aur bhi maza aaya.
Stay in touch please.
All the best.

"hey Gayu/Gi !
My OTS partner! U taught me so many things! U tolerated me, gave me an opportunity to know u! I was lucky to have u as the partner! U helped in clearing my doubts, helped me in understanding the culture, increasing my knowledge, making me feel at home in Kerala! Teaching me Malayalam, doing all the talking during the project work, introducing me to so many new things, making me fall in love with malayalam and tamilian music and movies finally! Making me buy so many soaps! :p
The most compatible partner ever!! Will miss every part of of the wonderful 2 mnths including the worst journey back!
Wish u a great happy life ahead!
Love you always!"

"hey gayatri

i have always found u to b fun although u look quiet and shy!!
it was lovely knowing u!
wish u all the best for your future!!"

"Our interaction started very late in IRMA mostly due to badminton but it was gud interacting with...I find u to be a lady with emense strength and will..Keep going
All the best for ur future

"hi gayarti!

its the time 2 leave... tu shuru se hi dost ban gyi thi meri... thanx mujhe har baar sari pehnane k liye... :)
u are a strong girl... have a great future ahead


Abhishek Tiwari
The most humble girl of our batch who is always ready for help. Thankx a lot for the Chips & Honey from Kerela. I cherish the mallu songs sung by you .Plz be in Touch...

"Hi Gayatri
Before baddy happened, I guess the only time we interacted was in the mornings when I used to come to wake up Shalika :)
And then with badminton we got to interact more...u play awesomely I must say...ur a beautiful person Gayatri..hope u keep smiling that pretty smile of yours all the time :)
Wish u all the best in life...Keep in touch !
Lots of love

"Hey Gayatri,
I remember the time when we made our RRM assignment together. We took so long to prepare a questionnaire! It was fun working with you then!
Your talent on the badminton court can be matched by a few! Keep up the spirits!
All the best!
Take care!

Ankit Gupta
"hey gayatri!! first of all, you play very good badminton and thanks for making us win the SANGHARSH mixed doubles. but still try and coordinate with your partner. other than anna, it wud be difficult to play with u.

as per my experience, u dont work much or there might be some other issues. if it is some other reasons which i dont know, please ignore the rest. but if not so, then please try and put some efforts sincerely. hoping the best for u!!
and i did write your name in the RM assignment. just wanted you to feel the feeling of loss as others feel when one or two group members donot work. if you felt bad that day, m sorry.
Please note that everything said above is in total humbleness and any expression showing any attitude is a mere lack of expression on my side and i apologise for that."

Raveesh Pandey
"Hi Gayathri...
Though not much interaction happened between us, but i throughly enjoyed working with you during milaap and you were the first one whose footsteps we did that night..:)
Keep up the good game...and best of luck

Raveesh "

We were together in that  forgettable course called 'CONCEPT'. I am always impressed with your Hindi...(main navoday mein thi ;). I am sure you are going to do wonders at Kudumbshree ...Wish you a great career ahead :)

we have talked a lot and perhaps quarreled a bit also... it was nice interacting with you as it helped in better understanding of my self... go ahead and scale great heights.. keep in touch.. all the best :)"

"Dear Gayatri!

It was great having known u..ur a gentle girl, and i wish you have a beautiful life ahead!
Keep in touch!
Priyanka :) []"

"hey gayatri
it was great fun playing baddy with u esp left handed
all the best "

Baddy champ.. wonderful bathroom singer (dat's where i hv heard her singing more actually, not dat she doesnt sing nice ;)).. a very sweet floormate alwaz ready 2 extnd a helpng hand!! hope u have a great life ahead dear... n do invite me wen u r gettng married! :))

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